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Summary: Russin & Vecchi, LLC has a long history in Vietnam. From 1967 to 1975, it was the only foreign law firm in Vietnam. At that time, the firm represented multinational banks, petroleum, construction, and manufacturing companies. Today, many of those companies have returned to Vietnam, and are again represented by the firm.

The firm reopened its office in Ho Chi Minh City in January 1993 to provide legal advice on foreign investment and commercial matters. The Hanoi office was opened in April 1994 to provide similar services, and to meet the particular needs of clients whose activities are regulated by the Vietnamese government.

The firm is uniquely positioned to help businesses succeed in Vietnam. To this market, Russin & Vecchi brings a tested awareness of Vietnamese law, practice and culture. Russin & Vecchiís objective is to provide its clients with practical advice and solutions.

Legal Services: Much of the firmís work is performed for foreign companies as they begin or expand their operations in Vietnam. These areas include foreign direct investment in manufacturing, power and other sectors; business operations; banking; agency and distribution; representative offices and branches; intellectual property; franchising; tax planning; hotels, resorts and property development. Click here for additional details.

Attorneys: The firmís offices are staffed by Vietnamese law graduates trained in local law, and by expatriate attorneys familiar with international legal standards and practice. The staff is multi-lingual and able to communicate in English and Vietnamese. Click here for additional details.

Integration with other Russin & Vecchi Offices: The Vietnam offices work closely with other Russin & Vecchi offices in Asia, Washington, D.C., New York and elsewhere. Each office is a separate professional entity, and attorneys in other offices provide legal services upon specific arrangements, and in order to meet a client's needs. In such cases, the firm is able to utilize the expertise available in other offices in order to address each client's matters. This results in efficient utilization of the firm's lawyers, and keeps rates competitive, thus reducing client's legal costs.





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