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Summary: Russin, Vecchi & Heredia Bonetti is the hub for Russin & Vecchi’s Latin American operations. The firm was founded in Santo Domingo in 1969, and established a branch office in Puerto Plata in 1989. It is one of the largest offices in the Caribbean, and is staffed by experienced multi-lingual lawyers, many of whom have been trained in the United States.

The firm maintains modern office facilities with up-to-date research and communications facilities, and a well-trained English-speaking support staff.

Legal Services: The firm’s practice areas include agency and distribution matters, agricultural businesses, banking and finance, government contracts, intellectual property, tourism, industrial free zones, and civil aviation. Other practice areas include tax, corporate, estate planning, immigration, maritime, and labor matters. Click here for additional details.

Attorneys: The firm’s lawyers are bi-lingual, and experienced in business, commercial, and investment matters. They have the training and experience required of attorneys familiar with international standards and practice, and also have the local expertise necessary to effectively deal with local governmental issues. Click here for additional details.

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Work with other R&V Offices: The Dominican Republic offices work closely with other R&V offices in Washington, D.C., New York, Asia and Russia. Although each office is a separate entity, and attorneys in other offices do not provide legal services unless specific arrangements are made in order to meet a client's needs, we are able to utilize the expertise available in other offices to address clients' matters. This results in efficient utilization of the firm's lawyers, and has the effect of keeping our rates competitive and reducing legal costs for clients.



Edificio Monte Mirador, 3er Piso
Calle El Recodo No. 2
Ensanche Bella Vista
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
T: (809) 535-9511
F: (809) 535-6649/7517