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We deliver effective and timely legal services at reasonable costs in most countries of the world.
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Summary: Russin & Vecchi in Washington, D.C. provides international and domestic commercial and corporate legal services. Many of the firm's international clients are U.S. companies with overseas operations. We also provide services to foreign clients. Our domestic legal services relate to e-commerce and cyberlaw matters, nonprofit organizations, and governmental matters unique to the nation' s capital.

The Washington office is part of the firm's Russian Practice Group, and also supports our offices in Latin America and Asia. We work with our overseas offices where clients of those offices need advice on U.S. law, or guidance with issues involving the U.S. Government, or have projects or activities that can be supported by one of the international financing agencies located in Washington, D.C.

International Legal and Business Services: Much of our work in Washington is for U.S. companies as they begin or expand their foreign operations, or make foreign direct investments. We also provide services in the U.S. and abroad for foreign clients.

Our work extends to issues common to many of these international matters. These include minimizing U.S. and foreign taxes; ensuring compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act while maximizing competitive advantages; avoiding violations of Commerce Department antiboycott regulations; and analyzing the extraterritorial effect of U.S. antitrust laws. Click here for a summary of our work / Click here for representative transactions.

e-Commerce and Cyberlaw: Rapid growth of the world-wide web has fueled electronic commerce around the world. Governments have played a minimal role in regulating e-commerce because of the speed of its expansion and because of the basic character of cyberspace.

No area is growing more rapidly than the law of cyberspace and e-business. R&V keeps abreast of developments on a daily basis.
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The rules of e-commerce are being written by the parties in their commercial agreements, many of which raise matters of first impression.Traditional legal principles often do not apply, and there is a premium on creativity and the ability to anticipate future problem areas. For over thirty years we have worked in developing countries where it was necessary to navigate through undeveloped legal systems. This is the legal environment in which e-commerce is now becoming a global force, and the firm has been able to use its creative skills to anticipate and solve problems.

Lawyers in the firm have assisted clients with problems in many emerging e-commerce and cyberlaw areas. We also follow the development of new and proposed federal and state laws and regulations, as well as recent judicial decisions, that shape the future of e-commerce transactions. Click here for a summary of our work / Click here for representative transactions.

Nonprofit Organizations: The firm serves as General Counsel to a large consortium of Big Ten Conference universities that provide international university development, distance education, and technical assistance services. We also are principal outside counsel to a major religious denomination, the Orthodox Church in America, including its activities in Canada and Mexico. Finally, we have represented medical practice groups, civic organizations, trade associations, political action committees, and other nonprofit entities.

The firm has represented nonprofit and tax exempt organizations for over 30 years

Lawyers in the firm have worked directly with the Internal Revenue Service on nonprofit tax issues and have obtained favorable results for clients. The firm's lawyers have substantial experience in advising clients on general nonprofit matters as well as specific corporate matters relating to client's business operations, and are a source of substantial assistance to management and leadership who wish to avoid the legal difficulties can easily befall such entities.

In return for the benefits of nonprofit and tax-exempt status, nonprofit organizations are subject to legal requirements not applicable to other for-profit business entities. Officers, trustees, and boards of directors also can fall under restrictive guidelines. The firm understands how to provide sound legal advice to its clients in these areas. Click here for a summary of our work / Click here for representative transactions.

R&V knows how to work with the federal bureaucracy.
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Governmental and Regulatory Matters: The firm's Washington, D.C. office frequently is involved in matters before administrative agencies, executive departments, the U.S. Congress, and the multilateral and international financing agencies located in the nation's capital.

Attorneys in the firm include former high ranking Congressional staff, and former attorneys with executive and international agencies. The firm maintains relations with Members of Congress, staff, agency and department officials, and the other constituencies that make up the Washington community. Click here for a summary of our work / Click here for representative transactions.




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