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International Legal Services for U.S. Clients

  • negotiating and drafting international agency, distribution and franchise agreements,
  • advice on foreign joint ventures with private entities and foreign governments,
  • establishing foreign branches, subsidiaries, and affiliates,
  • assistance in obtaining foreign licenses, permits, or authorizations to do business,
  • creation of relationships with local agents and representatives in foreign countries,
  • due diligence and documentation of acquisitions of foreign assets or businesses,
  • assistance with financing and risk insurance from international financing agencies,
  • protection of trademarks and other intellectual property rights abroad,
  • compliance with U.S. and foreign law on exports and imports of goods and services,
  • negotiating secured or collateralized payment terms for foreign transactions, and
  • general guidance on working with the legal systems of developing countries.

International Legal Services for Foreign Clients

  • establishment of U.S. sales and distribution networks for goods imported into the U.S.,
  • legal services with respect to offshore banking and trust facilities, and
  • representation of foreign entities in regulatory or governmental matters in the U.S.

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e-Commerce and Cyberlaw

  • drafting software development, licensing, and marketing agreements,
  • preparation and review of documents relating to financing and investors,
  • work with website development matters and ownership of website content,
  • advice on use and protection of trademarks and other intellectual property in cyberspace,
  • guidance on privacy, security, and jurisdiction in internet based transactions, and
  • due diligence and legal services in mergers and acquisitions involving e-businesses.

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Nonprofit Organizations

  • formation of nonprofit entities, and development of bylaws and operating rules,
  • qualification for and retention of tax-exempt status,
  • planning for and resolving issues of unrelated business taxable income,
  • funding through foundation grants and corporate philanthropy,
  • advice to trustees, boards, and officers on governance, fiduciary duties, and liability,
  • for-profit subsidiaries and other business relationships with for-profit entities,
  • drafting and negotiation of international and domestic documents and agreements,
  • advice on pension plans, deferred compensation, health benefits, and internal matters,
  • protection of tangible and intangible assets of nonprofit entities,
  • advice to university organizations on higher education issues, and
  • advice to religious organizations on operations and religious liberties.

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Governmental and Regulatory Matters

  • representation in licensing and other matters where regulatory approvals are required,
  • legislative matters with Congress and rulemaking proceedings with federal agencies,
  • government contracts and procurement, negotiations, protests, and terminations, and
  • maintenance of relations with governmental officials of matters of clients' interests.

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